Kelly VanderBeek Racing

A message from Kelly:

My Passion for KVR

Kelly VanderBeek Racing, KVR, is giving kids in our area the opportunities I was lucky enough to have growing up here.  These experiences will help shape their lives in healthy, productive ways while allowing them to continue to pursue their dreams of National and Olympic glory.

KVR strives to provide a safe, competitive and supportive environment for our athletes to grow as competitors as well as individuals.  The team environment mixed with the elements of individual sport offers invaluable lessons that carry over into all aspects of life.

I truly believe that KVR offers a vital stepping stone for our youth athletes to ski at a higher level, that would otherwise not be available to them within their local communities.  Keeping our kids engaged, active and outdoors in the winter season keeps the Canadian in me proud and excited to see where life will take them next!

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